Payday Loan offers short-term loans for repayment within 30 days, with the possibility of extending the deadline. Payday Loan belongs to Everhart finance – a valued institution with completely Polish capital and a very extensive offer. Contreras Finance means thousands of satisfied customers. They appreciate the long repayment period and the high maximum amount of payday offered by the company. It can, therefore, be concluded that Contreras Finance can adapt to the needs of its clients. This bodes very well to the Payday Loan, which is part of the brand. The offer, which includes the payday, is a continuation of good practices worked out by Contreras.POLOżyczka - take a loan!

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The website for payday loans with bad credit online is very important for the borrower. There you can find detailed information about the offer and answers to frequently asked questions by customers. What is important, through the website it is possible to check when data migration takes place in the bank in which our account is located. The fact that such data was taken into account will allow us to more accurately predict when the money may be on our account. This is an important convenience, especially for people who need immediate financial support. In the submission of the application, we will help the transparent side of the lender. Thanks to it, customers will be able to easily familiarize themselves with the company’s offer.

A loan – high amounts and no additional fees

A loan - high amounts and no additional fees

Payday Loan offers payday in the amount of 500 to 8000 PLN. The repayment period is 30 days, which is the term most liked by borrowers. If we are unable to meet our obligations within the set time, you can apply for its extension. We can extend the loan for a week, two weeks or 30 days. In this case, the fee and the extension period depend on the parameters of the loan, which the client decided on. This is a very advantageous opportunity that is not offered by all companies.

Payday Loan does not require additional fees from customers. It frees them from having to pay for services such as a consultant’s visit at home. Customers know all the fees resulting from the offer when applying for a loan. The borrower also does not have to worry about the need to pay an administrative and preparatory fee. Consideration of the application also does not involve additional costs. Such facilities undoubtedly deserve the attention of the borrower seeking a favorable offer. The company thus clearly approximates the details and thanks to this, customers do not have to worry about inaccuracies.


Payday Loan addresses its offer to people between the ages of 20 and 70. It is required to have Polish citizenship. It is also necessary to obtain remuneration, possibly having benefits such as, for example, a pension or a pension. The borrower can not also be included in any debtors’ register.

Using your account, regular customers will be able to submit another application for a minute without having to fill out a new form and wait for its verification. This saves time and further simplifies formalities. Customers also have an insight into their settlements, they also receive information when the next installment is due. Through your profile, you can also contact a consultant and ask him about the borrowing issues you are interested in. Not every company introduces such a solution, which is why it is even more profitable to visit the Payday Loan website. The detailed information needed for future borrower when making decisions is given there. The company’s consultants give advice from Monday to Saturday.

The process of applying for a loan

The process of applying for a loan

You can apply for a loan via the internet. Deciding to take advantage of the offer for the first time, you must go through a quick registration process. Then an automatic redirection to the login page takes place. Account-holders can log in using their e-mail address and password. This is done using the subpage located within the Customer Panel. By implementing such solutions, the Payday Loanensures protection of its clients’ data.

The goal of Payday Loans is an innovative company development. Consequently, its important advantage is that it uses modern technologies in its operations. The process of applying for a loan takes place entirely through the network. This saves time as well as minimum formalities.

Payday Loan is focused on building positive relationships with the client. That’s why it introduces facilities and adapts to its needs. From customers’ opinions, it can be concluded that they value the ability to quickly get money from the company. In addition, they appreciate the ease of the formalities and the fact that it is enough to have a bank account to take advantage of the offer. Payday Loan puts convenience and satisfaction of borrowers in the first place.