We talked in the text on how to increase the credit card limit that one of the pretexts for the bank to establish this limit are the scores of the credit score . But, after all, what would a credit score be?

Specifically being the Boa Vista SCPC Score and Serasa Consumer , it is directly linked to the CPF . This form of punctuation was created for the risk analysis of a consumer.

So he calculates the likelihood that someone will honor their commitments for a year. The calculation generates a value, which will be, in this case, your score. It will then be reviewed by credit protection agencies to see whether or not it serves the release of credit for you.

The numbers range from zero to one thousand points.

  • 300 points = high default risk
  • Between 300 and 700 = mean risk
  • > 700 = good score

However, these agencies do not disclose how they arrive at scoring. There are own databases, with automatic analysis through statistical models.

And since having a good score is positive for your relationship with the bank, let’s teach you how to increase that credit score.

Check the credit score

 Check the credit score

Before following any tips, the first thing to do is check how much your credit score is. With this information, you will know how much you need to increase. As we mentioned above, if it is below 700, it needs to be improved.

However, care should be taken to consult the CPF. Also because the number of excessive consultations can hurt your score. One recommendation is to do this once a month.

Clean your name

 Clean your name

Having your name clean in SPC and Serasa is key to being able to think about improving your credit score. So, in addition to consulting your score, also take a look at any pending issues with your name already negotiate as soon as possible.

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Open the positive register


It can assist with lending by banks. It serves to improve the accuracy of Serasa’s score , because the information on your payments will be recorded in the score.

In short, the longer you stay without negativity on SCPC or Serasa, it is best for your credit score.

Organize your accounts


 Organize your accounts

To have a payment history associated with your CPF, place the basic accounts in your name . Also, have more than one financial institution and maintain a good relationship in all.

This helps in track record and positively influences your credit score. But you do not have to just have the bills to spend, just use them.


Leave your bills up to date

 Leave your bills up to date

By the above tip, this is kind of obvious, but always good to reinforce. In fact, putting the accounts in automatic debit is even better.

This ensures that both bills and bills and invoices are paid on time. Therefore, you will also be creating a good payer history, in parallel. This serves as a benefit to increasing your credit score on all your accounts.

Another thing to do is buy it on time. It is important to have some credit in your name and purchases on time, at least once in a while. If you prefer cash payment, use a credit or debit card to help you resume your score.