In an instant request your loan or credit online fast and easy with Lineru.

When you need a loan of money instantly in Colombia, with Lineru you find the best option, with a 100% online service to acquire the loan you need

With the growth of new technologies and the acceleration of daily life, it is normal that you do not want to move a finger for the things you need, for example, requesting a loan or credit before a traditional financial institution. Whether in a bank or a specialized credit institution, these are not always suitable entities for the application of credit instantly , a system where the key is the speed both in the process, and in your response.


What are loans instantly?

The loans are instantly credit lines that are characterized by handling application times and very short disbursements, up to 2 business days; adapting to the needs of users. These are presented as an alternative to the traditional banking system, where it is necessary to approach the office or comply with various procedures and documents.


With the large number of documents that traditional credit institutions request for financial evaluation and the large number of procedures that you must manage, the application can be very delayed and you are not always sure of its approval. All this makes your procedure uncomfortable and more when you require the deposit of your credit instantly and without complications. But this problem has changed with digital platforms.


With the current growth of the internet, which is present in more than half of Colombian households, it is not uncommon to find multiple solutions for the application process of any credit or loan with the possibility to do it from the comfort of your home .


Where can I apply for a loan in a moment?

Taking advantage of new technologies on the internet, Lineru wants to offer you the convenience of requesting a credit quota instantly , without paperwork and 100% online. Lineru is the first online loan platform in Colombia, offering a safe, convenient and fast service from which you can access amounts ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 900,000 pesos, and with a maximum payment term of up to 30 days.


To apply for your credit quota instantly you only need:


Be of legal age (+18).

Be a resident of Colombia.

Count on a cell phone number

An email.

A savings or current bank account in your name in which the deposit of the money can be made.


How to apply for money loans instantly?

How to apply for money loans instantly?


If you meet the above requirements, you just have to go to our homepage ; there you will find our credit calculator, choose the amount and term of your credit, click on “ASK YOUR CREDIT”, complete the registration and the application form and in 15 minutes maximum we will give you a response. If approved, you must sign our virtual contract and within a period of one business day we will make the disbursement to your bank account.


Lineru is a product of the company Zinobe SAS legally constituted in Colombia and controlled by the SIC (Superintendence of Industry and Commerce), this in order to grant the highest confidence and security to our users in the completion of their financial procedures.


Lineru offers the best alternatives when looking for quota of credits instantly, so we invite you to enter and know the online platform that is changing the way Colombians request money.