Apply for your credit now and get a response in 15 minutes maximum.

Do you need to apply for a loan ? in Lineru you find the perfect option to apply for your loan now

Do you need money to be able to go on a trip this weekend? Is not enough for monthly payments? Do you need to apply for a credit now to get out of some emergencies? You do not have to worry, seeking help in a financial institution is more common than you think, especially at a time when the facilities of online platforms have greatly reduced both the time of application, as the requirements to obtain the money you need


How to apply for a credit now?


How to apply for a credit now?

To apply for your credit already , just go to , there you select the amount you wish to request, the term to which you want to cancel your credit (maximum 30 days), review the administrative charges you will pay, and complete the form register. Within 15 minutes you will receive a response and in less than one business day you will have the money paid to your account.


You no longer have to worry about the obstacles that appear when requesting a loan for what you need ; Lineru works 100% online providing loans quickly, easily, without documents and for values ​​ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 900,000 pesos.


Requirements to acquire your loan already

To apply for your credit, you should only consider the following requirements:


Be a Colombian resident.

Be of legal age (+18).

Have an email and cell phone number.

A bank account to which the disbursement will be made in the event your credit quota is approved.

With Lineru you will have access to a credit quota that you can use whenever you need it, without worrying about complicated procedures. We invite you to request your credit quota now ; In our page you can also find out about the great advantages and all the benefits offered by Lineru, as the best online credit quota platform in Colombia.